Optional Rule Amendments

Monkey Butt As with any game we know you are going to edit & add rules to suit your personal preferences but here are a few variations we thought you might enjoy. If you have any cool new ways that you play Monkey Butt then please let us know!:

Monkey King
Whilst playing the game until there is a Monkey Butt can be a lot of fun, we know that in certain situations you may not want to continue playing until only one player remains. So, for quicker games when playing in large groups change the game from Monkey Butt to Monkey King, & instead of playing till you have a Monkey Butt stop after the first player goes out, they are the Monkey King.

Multi-colour Pyro Monkeys
For a longer & more strategic game change multi-coloured Pyro Monkeys to not work when any 1 is active.

Monkey Devil
The Monkey Devil card extends game time so remove this if you want a faster game.

Create your own Monkey!
You are free to remove any cards from the deck or use the blank cards to create your own special & super special cards!

Ⓒ Monkey Butt 2016.