Monkey Butt Can you explain how the 1's work with other special cards?
Sure. All special cards (except the multi-colour Pyro Monkeys) have a colour. When a 1 card is showing, all cards of this colour, including special cards cannot be played until the discard pile is picked up or burned. For example, if a Pink 1 was played, you would not be able to play a Pink Zen Monkey. We have found it helpful to leave part of the 1 card sticking out from the discard pile to remind us which colours are blocked ;)

Can you clarify how the Cheeky Monkey works?
Yep! You choose two players in the game (one of which can be yourself). Select one face up card from each of them and swap them. For example, maybe you have a low ranking face up card in position C but another player has a good special card in position A. The Cheeky Monkey card allows you to swap these two cards, leaving you with a better card in position C.

Why does the player to my right choose the card to place in position C?
This gives an opportunity for one of your opponents to hinder you by placing a low ranking card in position C, making it harder for you to play later. Alternatively they may choose to place a card that they do not want you to use early in the game. You'll develop your own tactics as you continue to play Monkey Butt! Additionally, it allows the player to your right to see your hand at the start of the game and based on this knowledge they might know exactly what to play to screw you over early in the game!

Why is the Monkey Devil card described as optional?
We have included the Monkey Devil card as it can cause real havoc during gameplay! However it does extend the game time significantly. As such, we do not recommend including it in your first few games ;)

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